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Sadly, not every marriage is successful. Indeed, many couples eventually have to face the inevitable reality that divorce may be the best option for both them and their families.

If you find yourself considering divorce, it is crucial to contact an attorney who can help secure a just and favorable result ― a lawyer who can assist you in reaching the best possible solution given a bad situation. After all, your future and the future of your family are at stake.

At Rieger & Fried LLP, we understand that you may be dealing with difficult circumstances, which is why we are devoted to providing strong, yet compassionate legal guidance. With an office located in Garden City, we represent clients all over Long Island and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation.

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Advocacy For A Better Future

Sometimes couples reach a point in their marriage where they realize they may be better off apart than together.

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Resolving Your Divorce Issues

Sometimes couples reach a point in their marriage where they realize they may be better off apart than together.

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Finding The Right Approach For Your Situation

Our dedicated divorce lawyers are committed to doing things the right way, with professionalism and integrity. Our main goal is to help you resolve your divorce-related issues as effectively as possible. We will do everything we can to assist you with this, using methods — such as litigation or mediation — that are tailored to your particular goals and interests.

When you seek representation from the dedicated legal professionals at Rieger & Fried LLP, you can count on your case getting the attention it not only requires, but deserves.

In fact, whenever you need to discuss important matters or legal issues pertaining to your case, you will always be able to speak to an attorney. This is one of the key reasons to choose us to handle your case.

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Each matrimonial or child custody dispute is unique, which is why it is best to contact a knowledgeable attorney who can help craft an individualized legal strategy that fits your needs. Contact Rieger & Fried LLP today to speak to such an attorney.

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  • Kieth Rieger made me realize the divorce process is not about showmanship in the courtroom but simply the facts. Eric W.

  • Let’s face it, going through a divorce can be long and nerve-wracking process during which you can be excruciatingly vulnerable. Kieth proved to be the sharp, savvy, efficient, frugal and empathetic attorney I needed to be able to achieve a timely and favorable outcome. Jay E.

  • Kieth Rieger is a superior attorney and I was able to benefit from his ability to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate effective strategy. Kieth was extremely accommodating and sensitive when he represented my case yet firm and commanding when warranted. Soo L.

  • “Kieth Rieger navigated my divorce with the expertise of a highly skilled negotiator. He is the consummate divorce attorney: determined, effective and compassionate.”

    — Rebecca H.

  • “Kieth and Michael were instrumental in the positive and fair outcome of my case. From the start, they set realistic expectations. They fought hard on — and won — the critical issues that arose during the course of my case. I am extremely happy with their services; I highly recommend them!”

    — Melissa J.