How Social Media Can Be Helpful In Your New York Divorce Case

Author: Joshua L. Rieger, Esq.

  1. Q: My spouse is/was on Ashley Madison...obviously this divorce is their fault so I am entitled to more money right?

    A: No. The fault of one spouse does not entitle the other to more money in any form, (ie) support or equitable distribution. However, if your spouse was spending marital monies on their girlfriend/boyfriend, such as on vacations, meals and gifts, you may be entitled to recover half of those monies. Many times, a spouse attempts to hide these expenditures by opening credit cards and/or, accounts in their name only. They may even claim such expenditures as business expenses or write them off through their own business.

    At Rieger & Fried, LLP, we meticulously examine each and every one of your spouse’s personal and business financial statements to trace the expenditures of all monies. We do not simply "trust" your spouse’s "word." ensure that our clients receive what they are entitled to under the law.

  2. Q: How can social media be helpful in my divorce?

    A: When engaged in a divorce case, the monied spouse generally "cries instant poverty" - that all of the sudden their business is "down the tubes" or that the previous year’s bonus was an "aberration."

    In this day and age, however, people let their guards down on social websites, as they are constantly posting pictures and on Facebook or bragging about their income on dating websites such as OkCupid and

    Is your spouse claiming they have no money for child support? Look on Facebook to see if they have been vacationing in the Swiss Alps. What do they put as their income in their dating profile? Have they posted a new employment position on Linkedin?

    Social Media has become a useful "fact finder" and "fact checker" in divorce actions.

    A word of advice - your spouse can just as easily search your internet profiles. Think very very carefully before you post anything on social media. Everything you post can and will be used against you!

    At Rieger & Fried, LLP, we represent individuals in deteriorating and in some cases abusive marriages who need to move on with their lives...At Rieger & Fried, LLP, we are not just aggressive litigators, but offer our clients compassion and understanding in these trying times. If you have any questions that need answers about your particular situation, we invite you to call our office and schedule an appointment or consultation.