An Easier Approach To Divorce

Given the emotional nature of divorce, it comes as no surprise that some couples have a difficult time working together to reach amicable solutions when facing divorce-related matters. However, just because you may not see eye to eye with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, it does not mean a court battle is inevitable.

At Rieger & Fried LLP, we offer an alternative for divorcing couples wishing to avoid prolonged conflicts: mediation. Serving throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County, reach out to us to learn more.

Why Mediation?

In New York, mediation is one of the most common forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) used during divorce. ADR is the universal term used to denote the various nonlitigation methods for resolving conflicts peacefully and creatively.

When you agree to participate in mediation, a trained mediator will help you and your spouse communicate as effectively as possible ― with the ultimate goal of reaching an agreement that satisfies you both. Throughout the process, the mediator will be a neutral third party and will not take sides. It is not the mediator's job to determine which spouse is "right" and which is "wrong", but instead to help both of you reach an accord.

There are several benefits to mediation over litigation, including that it saves time and money. It reduces stress on you and your children. Perhaps most importantly, it allows you to take control of your divorce and not leave important family law issues, such as issues related to custody matters and division of property, in the hands of a judge.

Contact Rieger & Fried LLP For Mediation Assistance

If you are considering divorce and believe mediation may be a helpful tool, contact Rieger & Fried LLP. Our divorce mediation attorneys can help explain your options and discuss what you can expect during the process.

For an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer, contact us online or call us at 516-712-2268. From our Garden City office, we offer mediation services to divorcing couples in Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as the New York metropolitan area. Not all conflicts are easily resolved without help, so let us guide you through this difficult transition.