Creating Effective Prenuptial Agreements

In recent years, prenuptial agreements have become increasingly common among couples about to walk down the aisle. However, while these premarital contracts often prove to be indispensable during divorce, it is crucial that neither spouse takes unfair advantage of the other when they create such documents.

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Are Prenuptial Agreements Always Enforced?

In New York, a prenuptial agreement must satisfy several requirements to be considered valid. Not only must the agreement be property executed, but it must be fair and reasonable at the time the couple entered into the agreement. A prenuptial agreement may be declared invalid because of duress or, alternatively, fraud, such as when one spouse deliberating misstates his or her financial situation or purposely hides assets.

However, if a prenuptial agreement avoids these potential pitfalls, you can use one to do many things, including:

While some couples also include provisions pertaining to child support within their prenuptial agreements, a court is not necessarily bound by them. In fact, even though the court will consider the agreement, it has discretion when it comes to child support.

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